Saturday, January 05, 2008

GED Math Anxiety

If your students are similar to mine, you probably have one or two who have taken the GED math test more than once. I am currently waiting for the score of a student who has taken the math test four times over a period of 3 years. This student needs to score at least a 490 to get the required points for his GED. On the other 4 the average was 440. Part of the challenge is that the student works full time, has a second job, and also has a family. The family is very supportive, but after a long day at work it is obvious that he is tired. This student will admit that math is the last thing he wants to do and doesn't understand it. Between his third and fourth test he met with me five times. In my opinion.... not near enough time. I would have liked to work with him twice a week for at least 2 months. But he did not have the time and like many of my students, just wanted to try it one more time. Well, on Monday I will be back to work and will most likely have his score. Hang tight!

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