Friday, October 03, 2014

GED Math Worksheets for GED Math Help

If you are looking for good worksheets to help you or your students learn/teach/review basic math, or help you learn GED math help, check out the following GED math learning help website,  You can download free math resources!

GED math worksheets

Monday, May 05, 2014

Free GED Math Resources

Whether you are teaching GED math or you are a learner studying GED math to take the GED math test, it is important that you study for the GED math test.

The GED Testing Service has wonderful resources for the math test.  It offers a free GED math practice test which will give you an idea of what the "official" test will be like.  It also offers other GED math resources such as information on the calculator and the GED formula sheet. offers information as well as free downloadable GED math worksheets.  If you look carefully there are also worksheets for science vocabulary. is a member site (currently free) that offers 100's of free math worksheets, including a free fraction course. And, although it is a member site, most of the math worksheets are available with out a membership.

Kahn Academy is a free educational resource for students, parents, and teachers.  Resources include math videos and online math practice.

Hope these resources help you as you prepare for the GED.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Using the GED Calculator TI-30XS

The GED Testing Service has determined that the best calculator for the new GED 2014 test is the TI-30XS.  Use of this calculator will be on the GED Math test as well as the GED Science test.

The GED testing service has several videos on using this calculator.  The calculator videos can be located on the GED Testing Service website. 

I have also found some great U-Tube videos on this calculator.... specific to the GED test. Check out the following:

Monday, January 20, 2014

GED Anxiety

It is not unusual for a GED student to have a bit of anxiety. For many students, their past educational experience had not been a positive one.

Many remember a time when all they experienced was negativity from teachers and "F's". To put themselves in the forefront, go to school/learning center, and take a test/s..... takes a lot of courage and self determination!

Remember to continually praise your students and encourage them throughout the GED testing process. Getting positive reinforcement goes along way.... and everyone needs and craves it.... regardless of age.

The GED Test has changed in January 2014 and they might have even more anxiety.  It is a more rigorous and difficult test.  It requires solid reading skills as well as computer skills.

If they (your students)  are anxious.... start out simple and build on their current skills.