Sunday, February 26, 2006

GED Math Practice Test

If you haven't taken Learningtrend/GED Source's practice FREE Pre-GED math assessment, you may want to. If you have, good for you!

Although Learningtrend/GEDSource's Pre-GED math assessment was not written as a GED practice test for the "official" GED test, it is a good indicator of where you are in math. You will find questions on whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, and some basic algebra.

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Do not be discouraged if you think you did not correctly solve as many of the math problems as you hoped you would. The assessment is designed to to find the right "starting spot" for you. No matter where you "landed", it's the right spot for you. In my 10+ years of teaching experience, probably 95% of my students needed some form of math help.... before they took their test. The majority of students started with fractions, decimals, and percents.

If you find that you score below 60%, you may want to consider a Pre-GED math work book and perhaps find a tutor or a GED Learning Center for assistance. First work through the Pre-GED book, then the full GED math workbook.

If you score over 60%, you probably have a good starting foundation of the math skills needed to pass the GED Math Test. However, based on experience, you still would benefit from a good GED math workbook which will take you into the higher level GED math along with using a calculator.

The time that it takes to work through each book varies from student to student. It depends on your math ability, whether you have a tutor, and how much time you can commit to studying and practicing. I recommend that you spend no less than 1 hour a day working on your math.

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Once you have worked through the books, contact your local GED testing center. If they have a Learning Center, they should have actual GED practice predictor tests. Taking a math predictor test will give you an even better idea of how you will score when you take the "official" GED tests.

Below you will find three books that I use and would recommend you use to brush up on your GED math test.

They are not the cheapest GED books, but they are, in my opinion, some of the best in the market! They are NEW, never been used or written in. If you have kids or plan on taking further math classes, any of these books are a great resources to keep handy for when you need a quick "lookup" for solving a math problem.

These GED books are designed to be study-at-home books, and Contemporary's books even have a great internet learning site that you can access while you work through their book! It's amazing... and it's a free resource.

Click here to learn more about Contemporary's Pre-Ged (2002) *NEW* GED Prep.

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Good luck on your journey to taking the GED math test!