Tuesday, October 30, 2007

GED 2011

I recently attended the Wisconsin GED and Adult Literacy Conference. I learned that a new series of GED tests are scheduled to come out i n 2011. Not a lot of information yet, but stay tuned. As I learn more, I will be posting in this blog.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

GED Math

For a student who simply wants to "pass"the GED, it is tempting to spend little time on the math portion. For some students, those who have a fairly good foundation in math concepts, that is ok. But for those students who don't have a good foundation, this can be disastrous. Those students typically want to "bounce" around from topic to topic.

When tutoring my GED math students, I use an analogy of a mason building a brick house. Each brick represents a math concept. You must first lay a solid foundation of basic whole number understanding. If you skip or skim over a concept, it will weaken your house. Start with a solid foundation and then lay each brick of knowledge thoughtfully and in the right order.

Students don't always know what that order is. They either need a tutor, or a good GED math book.

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