Monday, October 06, 2008

GED Multiple Choice Questions

Whether you are a GED student or someone who is mentoring/tutoring a GED student you should know that many of the GED problems are multiple choice.

While it may seen that there are so.... many choices when choosing the answer, it will be much easier if you learn how to rule out answers that are weak.

Remember..... when you answer multiple choice questions..... begin by ruling out any answers that are weak or simply do not make sense.

First, begin by reading the questions and THEN skim over the answers. If you are studying reading, science, or social studies..... read the passages and look at the charts/graphs. Next, rule out any answers that are weak and do not address the question. You should be able to eliminate the answers down to a possible two. Then evaluate the two remaining answers. If necessary, go back into the passage again.

For some students this may go fast.... for others it will require practice.

So....find a good GED book and grab a great GED teacher and do your best!

Good luck and let me know how it goes!