Saturday, April 26, 2008

GED Math test: I've taken it twice and failed!

"What do I do? I just can't pass that GED math test! I have taken it twice and failed!" I hear this so often.

If you follow my blog, you know then that I have talked about this before. In my experience, the GED math test IS the HARDEST test for many GED candidates to pass.

A friend of mine recently used the following comparison. Many students address their math weakness like a person who wants to loose weight.

As a person who is overweight myself... I would pay almost anything for a "pill" to magically take my excess pounds off. What I need to do is put in the hard work, exercise, and eat less!

Some students who struggle with math also want that quick fix. They do not want to put in the time, start at the beginning, and build on what they know.

If you are a math student who is struggling, or you are a tutor helping someone learn math..... be patient, keep working, and have your eye on the goal!

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Anonymous said...

I'have taken the ged maths and language art writing about four times . i need help.